Suzuki Financial Services

An Dealer to Manufacturer financing application used in 300+ powersport dealerships across Canada

Technologies Used

- Laravel 
- Vue.js
- Bootstrap
- Mysql 

Suzuki is an automotive manufacturer that sells cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and marine engines. I've worked with the Canadian division of the company on two major projects

Suzuki Financial Services

Suzuki Financial Services is a dealer to manufacturer financing application. Dealerships use SFS to manage a financing agreement with Suzuki to float the inventory found on their showroom floors.

This application was built using Laravel with a Vue.JS frontend. It also has some custom integrations to interface with the legacy hardware and applications you find in companies of this size.

Interest Calculations

SFS calculates and applies interest charges based on industry standard metrics. Dealers can then use this app to pay their outstanding balances directly within the application.

Dealership Audits

Suzuki Financial Services is also used to perform scheduled audits of dealership inventory. An auditor would go on site to each dealer and manually verify that the products listed in the application were physically present within the dealership.

If products were missing, the auditor would flag these items within the SFS dashboard for review by Suzuki executives.

Suzuki Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager was originally a windows based application that was rewritten as a web app using Laravel. The source code for the original application was partially lost to time, meaning this project required considerable reverse engineering efforts to complete.

Inventory System

The application allows a dealership to view in-stock Motorcycles, ATVs, and Marine engines as well as inventory scheduled for delivery. Dealerships could also use this tool to see how long a product has been in stock to incentivize salesmen to move inventory out the door and into the hands of their customers.

Dealership Transfer Requests

Dealers can use this application to search for product at other dealerships. If the product is found in-stock at another location, dealers can then initiate a "transfer request" to move this product to their location. The transfer is facilitated and fulfilled by Suzuki with the whole process managed by this application.

Warranty & Repair Requests

When a customer comes in for maintenance under warranty, the dealership makes a request for this work using this app. Suzuki head office then reviews the warranty request and either approves it, denies it, or requests supplemental information about the claim.

Spare Parts

Dealers can order spare parts for their customers using this application. The list of products available was massive, with thousands of parts covering products built all the way back to the 1980s.

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