Hello! I'm Andrew Reddin.

I'm a developer with a passion for building innovative projects.

I’m a software developer with over 10 years of experience. These days, I mostly assist with building and maintaining Laravel, Symfony, and Vue.js applications.

In my spare time I collect and restore vintage arcade & pinball machines from the 80's and 90's. I have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of electronics that are a fraction as powerful as my cell phone.

Work experience

Here are some of the things I can help you with

Back End Development

My back-end language of choice is PHP paired with Laravel, but i've also worked with Symfony, Ruby On Rails, and .NET

Front End Development

My front-end framework of choice is Vue.js with Vuex for state management. I've also worked with Angular, Backbone, Ext.js, Ember, and JQuery.

Project Management

I have experience with agile project management both as scrum master and as a cog in the development machine.

Team Leadership

I've been in charge of teams as large as 5 people (not including myself) and have managed both junior and senior developers.