A Seed To Sale Management Platform For Retail Cannabis Dispensaries

Technologies Used

- Laravel 
- Vue.js
- Tailwind
- Mysql      

Salve is a software platform used manage retail cannabis dispensaries.

I had two principal responsibilities at Salve

A Communications Platform Using the WWKS2 Protocol

During my time at Salve, I Architected and built a communications platform between our Laravel based cloud platform and a physical robot used to make and dispense prescription drugs for pharmacies. I achieved this by implementing the WWKS2 robotics protocol as a PHP library. PHP is a dynamic language and inherently incompatible with hardware that expects exact types and data structures so there was a lot redundancy, runtime checks, and automated testing required to make this platform reliable.

A Scaleable E-commerce platform For The Cannabis Industry

Salve sells a turnkey retail/online commerce solution to cannabis dispensaries and for reasons ranging from technical, to legal, existing solutions (example Woocommerce, Shopify) were not compatible with this goal. I designed and built a scalable platform, similar to existing tools, but tailored to the exact needs of Cannabis dispensary owners.

I built this platform on top of Nuxt.js (Vue) with a complicated Vuex based state management system to perform the heavy lifting. As of the time of writing, this platform is in use by one very happy customer ( and hopefully soon will have been used to simplify the lives of other cannabis dispensary owners, too.

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